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Lydia said...
Yehudy is awesome he did our wedding in August 2017. I would highly recommend him for any events you have! He is professional, courteous, prompt, and well organized. You will never regret your decision to use his services I would give him a 12 out of 10 because that's how good he is!



Wedding: 10/21/2017

"DJ Yahoo made the ceremony gorgeous. Then he worked hard to make everyone danced. He even got on the floor to teach us some line dancing moves. His up lighting was absolutely beautiful. He also did a Gobo for my husband and I and a video of pictures of us. Everyone told me they loved him and wish they'd had him for their wedding. Thanks so much DJ Yahoo for making our wedding everything we hoped it would be."


Shared and Gaberial  Jack

Dec 23, 2016


Veronica said...
DJ Yahooo needs to be your wedding DJ if you want to enjoy your wedding and dance the night away! First of all, let's start with the communication leading up to the Big Day. If I ever had a concern or an issue, he was incredibly responsive. I was a nervous and anxious bride and he would always assure me that this was one part of the day I wouldn't have to worry about. As hard as it is to not have control over every single itty-bitty detail of that day, I knew that music was something I wouldn't have to stress over. He's also more than reasonable when it comes to price. When I asked other bride friends what they paid, I know definitely got a great deal. Next, he's very professional. We got married in a hotel in downtown Tampa and our hotel coordinator that day was kind of a butthead to the vendors. Yehudy kept his composure and just let the controlling coordinator do his thing. We both shared a laugh over it later. Lastly, DJ YAHOOO IS FUN. So much fun! My husband said to me during the wedding that he was almost too good because he never wanted to sit down! We both danced the night away and stayed on the dance floor for the majority of the night. He even came onto the dance floor to teach our guests how to do some line dances. Our guests were so impressed and he was the topic of discussion with our families during Thanksgiving dinner. If you didn't enjoy DJ Yahoo, then you must not be a person who likes to have fun. I would recommend him to any wedding, party, dance, bar mitzvah, etc.

WEDDING 11/11/2017

Adrian said...
DJ Yahooo has to be one of the BEST in his field of work. We spent most of the year planning our wedding (by we, I mean my wife). As far a services, he was on point! Our music selection for the ceremony went PERFECT. The lighting, sound system and visuals were excellent. I wasn't in contact with Yahooo until about a week before the wedding because I had a surprise for my beautiful wife during our first dance. After a few emails and one phone call, he came up with the best idea on how to execute the plan. The surprise went down without a hitch! I don't want to spoil it, so here is the link to the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/uC86K0t8A8E Watch the entire video, trust me! Thank you Yahooo for making this memory a lifelong one!

Wedding: 11/10/2017